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Cigar Rolling and the mastering of the art is always appreciated when seen in person. When the cigars are top quality, the cigar rollers become the most appreciated accent to the event.


Cigar Rollers (male, female or both at the same event) are impressive and the perfect feature at an upscale party.

“Cigar Rolling by men or women, is the right feature to enhance the evening”

•Male cigar rollers are dressed in authentic Cuban or Dominican formalwear


•All cigar presented are premium brand names only


•Male rollers can be combined with female rollers for the same event

Cigars rolled at the event are premium only meaning, the tobacco quality is called “Grade 1” which can only be found with brands.

Typically Dominican/Connecticut Shade brands like Montecristo, Ashton, Gloria Cubana, Arturo Fuente are requested for the mild to medium bodied flavor that is desired most in America.

Cigar rollers know how to form the bunches properly so that the wrapper leads will fit firmly around the filler tobacco. The skill of rolling the wrapper leaf around the filler is the key element in making certain the end product comes out to meet the standards of the premium cigar.  Brand level cigars such as mentioned above, should only be considered when having a cigar roller at an event.  Whether the cigar roller was a male or female the art is the same and should only be enhanced by quality tobacco.  With this in mind, the cigar dolls only use top grade cigars and top grade tobacco for these cigar rolling demonstrations.


Once you have your quote, we will explain and recommend the best cigars for your particular event. The size of the cigars are also a consideration as longer cigars will smoke for a greater period of time, which may or may not be suitable for your affair.  Further, Connecticut Shade is far different then Maduro cigars and this too should be a consideration.  Depending on your guest list and your event, mild cigars may be a more suitable selection than bold cigars for your particular party.


Fill out the contact form so we can get started on your quote.  Makes searching to leave proper contact information as we confirmed each event inquiry that we receive.

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