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Cigar Rollers,Cigar Dolls now available

Cigar Rolling by women has been taken to a new level to offer you the best of both worlds.


Cigar Rollers no longer have to be the conventional, Cuban or Dominican male. When offered a choice, event planners opt for the ladies or, as these cigar rolling maestros have been named, the Cigar Dolls.


Cigar Roller events with premium, brand name cigars are planned exclusively for your event and performed perfectly for your Special Event.


Female Cigar Rollers are a better choice

Cigar Rollers that are merely rolling cigars is not what you are looking for entirely. What you really want is an entertainer that rolls cigars, not just a cigar roller.


Cigar Rollers in the conventional sense, are typically Latin and do not speak English well. This makes for a less than desirable presentation for your guests because they can’t interact easily, this often looked over fact diminishes your intentions.


All of the Cigar Dolls speak English fluently. This is a big deal as your guests will ask questions and would like to learn more about what they are seeing.


You want an addition to your event, something different that contributes to the “feel”. The Dolls are more approachable and better for parties.


The Cigar Dolls bring he whole presentation to your event perfectly.



Cigar Rollers, Female

Cigar Rollers

Cigar rolling has been a trade for women as well as men throughout Cuba’s history. Female, Cuban Cigar Rollers (also known as torcedoras) worked alongside male cigar rollers in “fabricas or factories under the supervison of a master cigar roller for many years.   Together, these cigar rollers created hand made premium cigars for the cigar brand and each using the same blend of tobacco. Different sections of the factory would create cigars of different sizes and shapes however, the craft was consistent to each cigar.


The Cigar Dolls ™ - Your guests will never expect them, or forget them.

Womean cigar roller