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Female Cigar Rollers, the Cigar DOLLS™


Cigar DOLLS™ are female Cigar Rollers. The Dolls are cigar rolling femininas that are not only cigar knowledgeable but add pleasant, visual entertainment while they exhibit their unique talent of hand rolling premium cigars.


Each Doll gives a classic yet trendy touch to VIP events.


Cigar Rolling

Each cigar roller event is unique and custom quoted to your individual affair, there are no pre-set, wasteful “packages”. Cigar Rolling demonstrations are available in most major cities and subject to availability


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Female Cigar Rollers

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The Cigar Dolls ™ are female cigar rollers that are typically Latina. These cigar rolling femininas are either first or second generation from their original countries usually Dominican, Colombian, Cuban, Ecuadorian and Spanish. These countries usually place great emphasis on the importance of family and these rare cigar rolling women all had some family member or friend that in some way was involved with cigar making. As a result, the art of crafting a cigar was already familiar to them and not difficult to achieve for themselves.


These cigar rollers are individually interesting as well with each coming from a different set of roots and cultural backgrounds. While all are first or second generation descendents from other countries, they all possess the same unique skill and appreciation for the art of cigar rolling.


The Cigar Dolls ™ are the resulting presentation of their families’ inherited skill, brought from the Old Country to your event.

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