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Cigar Rollers and Why the Ladies Are Better At It


Cigar Rollers have been the same for too long, introducing the Cigar Dolls.


No longer does your cool party have to be dragged down with someone that doesn't fit the cool image of your event.

The Cigar Dolls gives you an interactive, updated and intriguing feature that brings an edge to your event.


Each event brings a unique feature that even the most experienced cigar aficionados have yet to experience. Even more, the Cigar Rollers Femme Fatales will give your event an instant edge - instead of having someone from the "Old Country" rolling cigars at your event, the Cigar Dolls are the 2nd generation, typically the American born Latina version of their cigar rolling family counterparts. These reasons are why these ladies are the most requested at hot 5 star locations, night clubs and resorts from New York to Vegas, Los Angeles to Miami.


You do not have to know anything about Cigar Rollers or cigars in fact, many of the Dolls clients are not cigar savvy at all.


Simply fill in the contact form below to give us the details of your event and we will match the party with the appropriate cigar features.


Remember not to focus solely on the cigar roller, this is the biggest mistake event planning professional make.


Don't make the mistake of not giving any thought to the quality of the cigars, we offer only premium brand names. If you don think this matters, you ARE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE. Your guests know and cheap cigars are the equivalent to bringing cheap wine to a dinner party - bad move.


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