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More Reasons that make Female Cigar Rollers the Best Choice for Events


Cigar rollers make a great addition when you want to impress your guests however, rarely are authentic cigar rollers personable enough to create the entertaining flair you are seeking.


The cigar rolling ladies of the Cigar Dolls are the perfect match because they interact with guests in a fun way. The female rollers are better than the males because they are people that contribute to the fun while at the same time, are people that you would like to have at your event. The male cigar rollers typically have their head down, don't speak English and when they do, it is often so limited that they can not engage well. Sure the men roll cigars however, is this what you are truly looking for?


Guests have questions and in the case of corporate events, would often like a break from "talking shop".


It's a major plus for you when the cigar roller can converse intelligently with guests, thus providing an interactive experience rather than a "visual only" performance.


Contact us for information regarding having a cigar roller at your event and we will give you some options that you may not have thought of and create a great moment for everyone.






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