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San Francisco has new feature to boast about for events,

Cigar Rollers in the Bay Area for Upscale events, with Female Cigar Rollers.




"It's the fact that we are female cigar rollers as opposed to the classic image of what everyone thinks the typical Cuban Cigar Roller stereotype should be.." States Monica.


Once the event is booked, the company plans every cigar related details to the timing, size of the cigar and the personalized graphics and the custom cigar bands. Each custom cigar label is designed specifically for each event with no template designs, each cigar band is created individually.


The cigars are another feature worthy of noting. The Cigars are all imported with none of them made in the United States to ensure the quality high class aficionados look for and creating the best "first cigar experience" for the samples who are at the event yet may never enjoyed a premium cigar before.


The Cigars are all hand made in a factory in Nicaragua which hand makes the cigars with Dominican filler and Connecticut Shade Broadleaf.


The company brings Cigar Rollers to Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and DC







 You can contact us at (877)721-2777 for more info or visit

Cigar Roller San Francisco