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Cigar Rollers are usually Latino Men with a hat and Guayabera Shirt that roll cigars at events. This experience has been viewed by guests throughout L.A.


Now comes the Cigar Dolls and younger version of the Old Art but with a beautiful twist, the cigar makers are all female and much more pleasant to look at. "We are engaging and make the party cooler.." says Isabelle "..when we are on site, we are on stage".


These performance artists are different in every respect which has recently led to 2 separate production companies inviting the Cigar Dolls cigar rollers for their own reality show. A reality show about cigar rollers has never been done and their personal lives are very interesting to watch as they have diverse backgrounds from tobacco manufacturing in the family heritage to modeling to acting, each Cigar Doll has a story to tell that creates enough content to air weekly.


Contact us for information regarding having a cigar roller at your event and we will give you some options that you may not have thought of and create a great moment for everyone.






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Cigar Roller events with the Cigar Dolls