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Cigar Rollers, Females are preferred

Never before seen until now, the Cigar DOLLS™ add a twist that guests will never expect, or forget.


After guests take a second glance, the interest takes off and your event is suddenly the place-to-be. Cigar Rollers will never be the same.



Why Choose the Cigar DOLLS™

You have a cool event

You want to impress

You need something different

You have an upscale crowd

You have a guest list over 30 years of age

Your guests are VIP

Your guests demand the best in their lifestyle

You need everything to go right


You need to be the Star when the party is over

Cigar Rollers Female

Cigar rolling women or torcedoras are truly a unique visual and something most people have never seen before. From heritage in South America to the Islands, the craft of cigar rolling in the factories of Cuba and the Dominican Republic is taken to a higher level never before seen. Possessing the classic Latina image, The Cigar Dolls ™ have the combination of Latin beauty mixed with the romance found in the art of cigar making. Together this combination makes for the most unique visual you will ever experience.


The atmosphere changes and your evening will become far more than just another party, these female cigar rollers bring an edge that will make your event the place to be. The contact button below is your first step in taking your party to the next level.



The Cigar Dolls ™ - Your guests will never expect them, or forget them.

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