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How to plan a cigar roller for your event


Tobacco is a very light leaf, even lighter than paper. Any conditions where there is reams, even a light breeze, can create conditions where the roller cannot manipulate the tobacco thus the cigars be defective when finished.


Cigar rollers - you made decision to incorporate a cigar roller into your event but now is the time to actually set up and plan strategically secure guests can gain the maximum enjoyment ensure success long after the party is over.


To ensure the best cigars created at the event, you want to make sure that the roller situated in a wind free area. In this environment, the cigar roller will be able to manipulate the wrapper leaves so that cigar comes out perfect every time. Remember a cigar roller is performing live and removing the factory setting can be a problem as cigars were intended to be rolled in the most efficient setting which means no wind.


We will consult with you to make sure that your cigar roller feature will be a success, where the cigar roller is situated at the event is a key issue to ensure that your guests see the entertainment while at the same time guaranteeing that the cigar roller creates premium, perfectly constructed cigars.


Submit the details of your event below and we will guide you through the best ways to integrate the cigar rolling feature, cigars and custom cigar bands to enhance your big day in a whole new way.