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Cigar Rollers, Las Vegas Cigar Rollers have been taken to a new level, enter the Cigar Dolls.


The Cigar Dolls are the upscale, well coordinated team of powerful female, attractive cigar rollers that roll cigars for guests at only upscale events throughout the Strip, Celebrity events throughout Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other national cities. They are in a single word, unbelievable!


Vegas Cigar Roller from the Cigar Dolls rolls at the Casino on the Strip, Las Vegas Cigar Roller Monica


What separates the Cigar Dolls from other attractive women? The unique talent to roll cigars. They are all coordinated through their own cigar company which will feature their own brand this year.


Female Vegas Cigar Roller


The Cigar Dolls are a group of extremely niche cigar craftspeople that will entertain guests via their own cigar rolling demonstration. These cigar roller events are now common in Vegas however, the Strip has just gravitated to the latest trend of the DOLLS and now the beautiful "Cigar Rolling Femininas" are the choice for any fresh, VIP cigar rolling event on the Vegas Strip.


The Las Vegas Sun picked up on these female cigar rollers and the NY Times featured their little Cuban Cigar Doll "Ana" at an actual event.


Cigar Rollers are always respected by guests that are not familiar with the process however, this Vegas Doll provides a different level of entertainment. First and foremost, she's beautiful, second, she's warm and interactive with guests, enthusiastic to answer questions and as she says, "..even after I've answered the same questions so many times before, I always get a new kick when someone is hearing and seeing it for the first time."


Las Vegas is the home and territory for this female cigar roller however, she often is such demand that clients will fly her out to their destination event. "Vegas is where they first watch me rolling and then they contact us again to fly me out to their home town." After today's cigar event at Mandalay Bay, she's off to 3 day event in Denver Colorado, a 1 day event is Scottsdale and then it's out to Chicago for a conference event with a guest list of executive decision makers that love cigars.